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Sara Gustafson

Visionary thought leader, authenticity expert, and truth seeking provocateur Sara Gustafson sparks healing + transformation through her powerful life coaching and holistic wellness programs. A champion for radical self-care who has embraced the empowered divine feminine within, Sara boldly inspires positive change that leads to ultimate wellbeing through intimate conversations, weaving insightful humor with uncomfortable truths.

Sara’s whole body approach to wellness as a corrective exercise coach, nutritionist and spiritual counselor, emerged out of fifteen years research and clinical application in the health, healing, and fitness industry.

An avid learner and voracious reader with a comprehensive education in sport-specific conditioning, fitness, clinical orthopedic assessments, scientific core conditioning and strength training, Sara employs a unique body of knowledge to discover metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms so she can help her clients transform pain and suffering into harmony and renewal.

She is the founder and CEO of Primal Fusion Holistic Health & Performance in Austin, TX where she teaches her courses at various college campuses, is a guest lecturer and panelist, and is currently writing and publishing courses for the CHEK Institute.