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Daniel Cortez

Daniel Cortez spent the last 15 years learning about the body and mind and re-examining everything he thought he knew about health, wellness, and performance. While ill, Daniel realized that the answers to most modern problems arise from "evolutionary mismatch", including his own. Eventually, Daniel won his battle with chronic illness after traveling to Peru to do extensive work psychedelic plant medicine.

Daniel is a High-Level Coach who draws extensively from his own battle with chronic illness, evolutionary biology, anthropology, psychology, indigenous shamanism, and more to coach a small group of 1-on-1 clients to true transformation. In addition, he teaches workshops and retreats around the world.

Daniel resides in Cusco, Peru where he studies traditional indigenous use of psychedelic plant medicine and provides “Psychedelic Integration” services both privately and to clients of “Parign Hak”, an Ayahuasca Retreat based in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon.